The University of Arizona

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Ravindra Dwivedi

Associate / DCC
Ph.D. in Hydrology and Water Resources, The University of Arizona, Tucson (AZ), USA.
M.S. in Hydrology, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro (NM), USA.
B. Tech. in Mining Engineering, I.T. (B.H.U.), Varanasi (UP), India.
Office Location: 
#101, 2000 E. Allen Road, Tucson, AZ 85719
Mailing Address: 
#101, 2000 E. Allen Road, Tucson, AZ 85719
Watershed Management and Ecohydrology
As a mountain eco-hydrogeologist, my research focuses on the partitioning and flowpaths of water in mountainous sites from a critical zone perspective, using observations of water quality, residence times, and stable isotope signatures.
I believe to be an effective teacher, the contents for my courses need to be interesting, relevant, intellectually challenging, and involve hands-on experience (they should include some laboratory or field experiments to test what has been taught).
Research Topics: 
Climate Adaptation and Sustainability
Ecosystem Services
Geospatial Science and Modeling
Remote Sensing
Watershed Management