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Dr. Kathryn Thomas Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn’s research includes work at both the landscape and plant level as the principle investigator of several projects. She is heading a team working on understanding how fire might affect the long-term survival of the endangered Pima pineapple cactus. Another project is investigating the potential of renewable energy development to affect predicted habitat for Arizona vertebrates. She is also working with colleagues studying how the non-native forb Salsola influences dune mobility on the Navajo Nation and surrounding public lands. Currently two GIS technicians are working under Kathryn on her research: Chris Jarchow and Pankaj Jamwal.
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Dr. Pamela Nagler Pamela Nagler

Pamela's research interest is mainly in the remote monitoring of physical, geographic landscapes. Her goal is to improve the capability for predicting plant phenology and water use of Tamarisk and other invasive riparian species on watersheds. Currently Chris Jarchow is working under her as a Independant Contractor and GIS technician on her projects.
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Dr. Charles van Riper 

Charles van Riper

Charles' current research interests include migration of neotropical migrant passerine birds, avian diseases, the responses of birds to plant phenology patterns, climate change modeling, and the ecological impacts of introduced tamarisk. Currently Abigail Darrah is working with him as a Postdoc.
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Dr. Cecil Schwalbe 

Cecil Schwalbe

Cecil and his graduate students and other colleagues have worked together on a wide variety of projects and species, including sea turtles, fringe-toed lizards, rattlesnakes, whipsnakes, rosy boas, barking frogs, leopard frogs, bullfrogs, and others, with a major emphasis on the ecology of the Sonoran desert tortoise. Recent research emphasis has been on effects of invasive species, climate change, and disease on native frogs and reptiles and development of methods to monitor amphibians and reptiles. 
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Brent Sigafus 

Brent Sigafus

Brent's research includes projects on reptile and amphibian surveys, with particular emphasis on bullfrog control.
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