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Ecohydrology is an interdisciplinary area that draws on both ecology and hydrology, and is related to watershed management.  It places particular emphasis on interactions and associated feedbacks in both space and time between ecological systems and the hydrological cycle.  Ecohydrology is especially important in arid and semiarid systems where the feedbacks between ecology and hydrology can be particularly tight.  Research in ecolohydrology emphasizes considering “green” water associated with evapotranspiration as well as “blue” water such as streamflow and groundwater considered more traditionally in hydrology and watershed management.  Ecohydrological research includes the partitioning of water lost via soil evaporation vs. that utilized by plants in transpiration, the redistribution of water and nutrients via runoff and runon, how riparian tree species influence streamflow, fluxes of water and carbon to the atmosphere, and microclimate influences of vegetation, all of which are of concern in the context of climate change and can be applied to solve challenges related managing water and other natural resources.

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