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Welcome to the official website for the School of Natural Resources and the Environment (SNRE)!


At SNRE our goal is to be a world leader in pursuing science that informs society of 1) the impacts of environmental change on our natural resources, 2) how best to adapt to environmental challenges, and 3) the development of management strategies for sustainable solutions. We are a cohesive group of faculty, students and staff who take great pride in our focus on problem-driven researchteaching, and extension encompassing all aspects of environmental stewardship. As we adapt to the current pandemic challenges, we continue to pursue this goal with all the tools we have available.


The research that is conducted in SNRE answers important questions about how ecosystems respond to environmental or human pressures and impacts. We develop strategies to help mitigate the effects of these pressures, helping to create and maintain healthy and sustainable ecological systems. Our research focuses on ecosystem function, conservation biology and natural resource management, from local to continental scales. We are using cutting-edge monitoring tools and geospatial technologies such as GIS, drone and satellite data and modeling to develop new ways to protect our most valuable resources.


Our undergraduate and graduate educational programs are interdisciplinary and focused on real-world problems and experiences, preparing students for the demands of leadership positions in natural resource science and management. SNRE offers a variety of degree options that allow students to tailor their degree to suit their interests and career goals. Students are at the heart of what we do, as they develop their projects, fieldwork, and complete their academic course work, they gain both the theoretical and the practical skills they will need to be the resource managers of the future.


SNRE is unique among our peers in terms of the breadth of focus and depth of expertise, integrating across the boundaries of biology, physical science, resource management, and international resource issues.  We are unmatched in the number and diversity of partnerships we have established with organizations in Tucson, County, State and Federal agencies that foster an atmosphere of collaboration and collegiality.


In addition, SNRE is focused on actively building a diverse and welcoming environment for all. It is our goal to ensure that the SNRE community respects and embraces diversity, and to encourage and support activities and conversations that promote a genuine climate of mutual respect, empathy and inclusion. 


Watch this informational video to learn more about what SNRE has to offer. Click on Academics to learn about our degree programs. Or, you can view a list of our faculty, research staff, and students under People


Thank You for Your Visit & Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!
Wim van Leeuwen
Professor and Interim Director
School of Natural Resources and the Environment